The CMCL-FAIMER Regional Institute (CMCL-FRI), based at Christian Medical College, Ludhiana, India, is a two-year fellowship program for health professions faculty who have the potential to improve medical education at their schools. Approximately 16 fellowships are offered each year. The fellowship is designed to teach education methods, scholarship, and leadership skills, and to develop an active, supportive professional network among educators.


Faculty & Fellows 2021

Faculty & Fellows 2020       CMCL is celebrating 125 Years of establishment 

A legacy of Healing, Education & Research since 1894                                                            
Established 2006….15th Anniversary 2006-2020
15 years of contribution to Medical Education
2020 Class-15th Batch















CMCL-FRI Alumni Club initiative-Webinar Series 1 & 2 to support teaching during COVID-19

14April-11 May, 2020

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Link to recording of Webinars
Webinar 1-Click here  
Additional material  Click 1. here 2. here
14 April, 2020,  Opportunities & Challenges in Online UG Teaching in COVID Epoch
Webinar 2- Click here
18 April, 2020, Online PG Teaching in COVID Epoch: The ways
Webinar 3-Click here
21 April, 2020, Online assessment stratgeies
Webinar 4-Click here
24 April, 2020-Leadership Strategies during Covid Era in Teaching Institutes
Webinar 5-Click here
27 April, 2020-Online Tools for Teaching Humanities
Webinar 6-Click here
30 April, 2020-Online Faculty Development Programs: Opportunities & Challenges in COVID Epoch
Webinar 7-Click here
9 May, 2020-Online Clinical Skills Teaching in COVID Era
Webinar 8-Click here
11 May, 2020-Panel discussion: Medical Education in COVID Era: Challenges & Experiences

If you are planning to use any of webinars for educational purposes for groups, pls intimate us.

Webinar (AHPE): Simulation Based Teaching (CMCL-FAIMER Fellows team): 2 May, 2020  Click here
Click here for COVID-19: Reflections from the FAIMER Community

Teaching-learning material developed by CMCL-FAIMER Fellows

Dr. Swapnil Paralikar(2015) Click here for 5 Big Diseases of Med Edu

Dr. Purvi Bhagat (2018)  1. A glaucoma management flowchart Click here

2. Tips for a safer use of the Zoom platform Click here

Applications for FAIMER FELLOWSHIP-2021 are close. 

Applications for FAIMER FELLOWSHIP-2022, will open on November, 2021.

Incomplete applications will not be considered. Only complete applications having all required documents will be reviewed. No further communication will be entertained in this concern. 

As mentioned in terms and conditions in application submitted by applicant, Any canvassing by applicant or by others on his/her behalf will lead to disqualification of the application. No further communication will be entertained in this concern. 

Note: Change of institute during application/review/after selection will lead to cancellation of selection as institutional profile & support is also considered during selection. Hence, any change of institute should be promptly intimated to us.

Travel to Ludhiana: Ludhiana is well connected by trains from all major cities of India. The most convenient is Shatabadi express in the morning as well as in the afternoon. There is also AirIndia flight from New Delhi to Ludhiana on alternate days, but it is frequently cancelled in the winter season whenever there is fog. You can also take flight to Chandigarh and than a taxi (Uber, Ola-book by app after landing, Rs 799-1500). It is apprx 100 kms and takes 2 hours.

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Important Dates

    CMCL-FRI Fellowship Program 2022 dates ( dates to be announced later)

Session-I Fellows 2021  April,  2022. (Year 1)

Session-III Fellows 2020 April, 2022 (Year 2)

Session-V Fellows 2019 April, 2022 (Graduation)

Session II and IV are online sessions

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CME on “Horizons in Medical Education”

conducted on 8th February, 2015










CMCL-FRI is sponsored by the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER®). By working to advance health professions education in India, CMCL-FRI supports FAIMER’s mission of improving global health by improving education.


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  • Major General Madhuri Kanitkar (CMCL 2012) was promoted to the rank of a Lieutenant General. This historic promotion makes her the third woman officer and the first paediatrician to rise to the second-highest rank in the Indian Armed Forces.
  • Dr. Rajiv Mahajan (CMCL 2016) promoted as Principal, AIMS, Bathinda-2020
  • Dr. Madhuri Kanitakr (CMCL 2012) appointed as Member Medical Council of India Board of Governors (MCI BOG)
  • Dr Rajiv Mahajan (CMCL 2016)’s faimer project adopted by university.
  • Dr. Dinesh Badyal, appointed Member, Member, MCI Expert Group: Implementation & Monitoring of competency based UG curriculum -2019
  • Dr. Dinesh Badyal, becomes First visiting scholar, Rector Clinical Skills & Simulation Center, Jefferson Univ., Philadelphia.
  • Dr. Tejinder Singh, awarded NBE Excellence Award (Eminent Alumnus) by Hon. Vice President of India. 2014 (2018).
  • Dr. Madhuri Kanitkar (CMCL 2012) becomes the first woman dean of this Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC).Dr. Dinesh Badyal, was awarded Masters in Health Profession Education (MHPE) with Merit by Keele University, UK (2018).
  • Dr. Dinesh Badyal, published second edition of his book “Practical Manual of Pharmacology” (Jaypee Publishers).
  • International Journal of Applied and Basic Medical Research (IJABMR) published a special issue in Medical Education
  • Soumendra Sahoo, CMCL 2012- awarded ‘MaGEX”; Manipal Global Excellence award
  • Himanshu Pandya CMCL2007-Appointed Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and President of the AHPE
  • Shubha Gade (CMCL2010) is now Executive Editor of Journal of Education Technology in Health Sciences
  • Dr. Tejinder Singh has been awarded Dr. B C Roy Award for eminent medical teacher by the MCI. The award will be given away by the President of India on 1st July 2016
  • Dr Dinesh Badyal, becomes Member, Reconciliation Board, MCI
  • The team of FAIMER fellows (Dr. Chetna Desai & Dr. Dinesh Badyal) brought out Special Issue of Indian Journal of Pharmacology entitled “Revising and innovating Pharmacology Education”
  • Dr. Dinesh Badyal, delivered prestigious Prof. G. Achari oration, at 49th Annual Conference of Indian Pharmacological Society held at PGI, Chandigarh in October, 2016.
  • Dr. Dinesh Badyal becomes Senior Editor, Indian Journal of Pharmacology.
  • Dinesh Badyal, was awarded the prestigious “Rajiv Gandhi Gold Medal Award” by Global Economic Progress & Research Association (GEPRA).
  • Dr. Tejinder Singh was awarded Excellence in Medical Education award by National Board of Examination (under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India)

  • Dr. Chetna Desai elected Chief editor of IJP
  • Dr Dinesh Badyal Gets ML Gupta Award in Medical Education
  • Dr. Tejinder Singh & Dr. Anshu’s book on Assessment
  • Dr. Dinesh Badyal gets Best Poster Award in International Conf in Med Education
  • Dr. Tejinder Singh awarded Eminent Alumnus Award for Medical Education by National Board of Examinations
  • Dr. Tejinder Singh conducts 15th workshop on Student Mentoring at SIMSRC, Bengaluru in January 2015.

  • Dr. Tejinder Singh appointed Adjunct Visiting Professor at Manipal Academy of Professional Development.

The centre conducting their 19th Basic course in Medical education in Sept, 2017.

5th advance course was conducted in Sept, 2017.

More on next workshop and Nodal Centre

Converting a Dream into a Reality: Dinesh Badyal Discusses the Unexpected Outcomes of his Fellow Innovation Project

10 Years CMCL-FAIMER Book book title 001

The book reflects the journey of 10years of CMCL-FAIMER institute and its fellows.