Dr. Dinesh Badyal, awarded Masters in Health Profession Education (MHPE) with Merit by Keele University, UK

Dr. Dinesh K. Badyal Professor & Head, Pharmacology and Professor of Medical Education was recently awarded Master’s degree “Masters in Health Profession Education (MHPE)” with ‘Merit’ by Keele University, UK. This is a very prestigious and internationally renowned degree in medical education. The selection process is very competitive and even after selection the success rate is quite less. The whole course is designed over various modules with mandatory assignment and a contact session at Keele University. The course is very rigorous and demands a lot of academic input and successful completion of dissertation. Only approx. 10 faculty from India has been awarded MHPE. This qualification will be a value addition in the progress of Department of Medical Education, CMC, Ludhiana.MHPE 2014 Batch with faculty at Keele University, UK

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